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The great railway wagon was replaced by the locomotive. As a result of the 2008 built conservatory will still be more visible and the old engine shed appear more attractive from the outside.

Our 18-ton small locomotive 1934 was provided by the Arnold Jung Locomotive Works Ltd., Jungenthal in churches on the victory with the serial number 5852 4439 as Kings of the German State Railroad Company. After the war, she remained in the territory of the GDR and was at the Deutsche Reichsbahn in 1970 the IT fair number 100439-9. At that time she was at home in the Bw Gotha.

On 1 January 1992 had the DR take the numbering scheme of the DB and so our locomotive was now 310439-5. They also witnessed the takeover by the German Railway, but this was on the 11th of Retired in December 1995 after 61 years of service. That same year, the machine could hist in the stock of Bw Arnstadt /. be recorded and saved from being scrapped.

In early 2006, the machine has been returned to DB Railion and parked in Erfurt. From there, in October 2008 delivered to the new owner, the old engine shed Mainz.