The new foyer for more space

With the foyer, the architecture of the Alte Lokhalle was expanded in an impressive way, without altering the ancient character of the building. Due to the extension we created two areas, with 168 and 243 square meters, which form a light-filling foyer for the 900-square-foot event area.

For smaller events, the combination of both parts of the conservatory makes sense. A conference room and a separate area for the catering arises. Thanks to the wide doors even large exhibits can be placed. Heat protection glass and air conditioning provide pleasant temperatures in summer.

  • foyer-1.jpg
    Foyer | Stehtische
  • foyer-4.jpg
    Foyer | Hochbrückentische
  • foyer-5.jpg
    Foyer | Hochbrückentische
  • foyer-7.jpg
    Foyer | mittige Cateringinseln
  • foyer-9.jpg
    Foyer | Loungebestuhlung
  • foyer-10.jpg
    Foyer | Abendstimmung


größte Öffnung3,4 x 4,4m
Belüftung / Heizung / KlimaJa / Ja / Ja
Strom1x 63A CEE
Accessoiresschwere Lasten möglich, mobile Garderobe